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Invisible bra for an ideal neckline. Invisible bra – a revolutionary invention to fulfil desires! Soft, natural, reusable, strapless. Fly Bra bra forms an ideal neckline, hiding all the defects of your chest, you can make your cup size larger. It picks up the chest in a very nice way creating a push up effect. No straps or badges that irritate the skin

„I’m very happy to buy the FlyBra bra. I’ve got a pretty big chest and I was afraid it would fall off. But then I realized that there’s nothing to worry about. The bra fits perfectly, fixes my chest and does not immobilize the movements. I wear it often, the glue is pretty good, works all day long. I want to order a couple more bras while they’re on discount. I’m not going to wear those uncomfortable bra straps again.”

I recently received my order and I can say that the quality is very high. The fabric is soft and breathable. My skin breathes and doesn’t sweat, although the bra adheres to my chest well.”

„I bought the invisible FlyBra for a friend party. They were very impressed with my look. I would wear this bra every day, but I’m afraid it won’t stick anymore, so I keep it for special cases.

The secret of bra popularity is simple. The product is made according to a new technology and includes two silicone cups joined with the cords. When in contact with the skin, the glue that fixes the bra well is activated. Absolutely imperceptible under clothing.

World-famous designers worked hard to create the perfect bra. Your effort has been successful. The invisible bra matches women’s demands and helps them to look safe and free.

In order to create a perfect look it is important that every detail is ideal. Comfortable underwear that enhances your virtues plays a great role in this. The FlyBra bra is perfectly matched to all types of clothing and guarantees women a beautiful bust shape. The invisible FlyBra bra gives a strong and seductive shape to any type of breast and allows you to forget complexes by physical aspect. Whatever you do, in this bra you will always feel comfortable. The product does not hinder movement, does not immobilize and lets the skin breathe.

The product is sold via the Internet. We deliver your order by mail or delivery. Pay upon receiptBuy original: Cheaper Fly Bra. Go to this store > >

The price is in the range of: 89EUR – 99EUR

Product information is from the manufacturer. If you are sick, consult your doctor or pharmacist. The effect of using this product may vary, depending on the person. This is a supplement, not a drug. This website is not responsible for product or delivery.

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